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Ref# 400

A residential property suitable for a medium sized family home located in a sought after area of Disaneng ward, approximately 8km from the town centre of Maun.

Area: 0m2 2 2
Ref# 394

This represents a secured accommodation located in Thitoyamokole Ward. The accommodation offers an apartment with a lounge, kitchen, two bedroom & a bathroom.

Area: 0m2 1 2
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Ref# 393
Boro, Maun

The property is located in Boro,a 15mins drive from maun centre.

Area: 0m2 2 2
P3 000
Ref# 390

A tradionaly build office painted in tswana colours, with adequate electricity supply, two showers and two flash toilets and traditionaly styled background with a shady sitting area under an indegi

Area: 0m2 4 0
P1 650 000
Ref# 386

A secured fully tenant occupied multi residential property with Four detached two bedrooms consisting 1) two bedrooms, sitting room, fitted kitchen & two bathrooms.

Area: 0m2 8 8
Ref# 383

A 7km by 7km cattle farm located within the Hainaveld farming block about 112km southwards from Maun.

Area: 0m2 0
Ref# 381

A residential property with a small development on the plot located within the riverside calm neighbourhood areas of Disaneng Ward, approximately 6km from the town centre of Maun.

Area: 12m2 0
P240 000
Ref# 379

The property is located within Chanoga, approximately 30kms from Maun. Improvements on the plot is a shed. It is enclosed by a veld span fence on tswana poles.

Area: 0m2 0
Ref# 376

The propperty is located in Maphane Ward, Maun fronting onto the Boronyane River, accessible via a sand track off the tarmac road through Sedie Ward, approximately 10km from the center of Maun, fif

Area: 194m2 2 3
Ref# 375

The property is situated in Tsanekona on the Boseja side.

Area: 1 013m2 2 4
Ref# 374

The property is located in Boseja ward along Maun-Francistown road about 5km from the town centre.

Area: 0m2 1 2
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Ref# 373

Extensive commercial property offering a lettable area of 489sqm @ P69/sqm in Old Mall, Maun

Area: 0m2 0
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