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P1 000 000
Ref# 356

This represents a residential property located in Tsanekona Ward, about 10km from the town centre of Maun set along the river banks of Thamalakane river.

Area: 0m2 4 6
Ref# 359

Own and experience the coolness of river front breeze with a canopy of the savana woodland shade trees and enjoy the character of a well ventilated family thatch double volume home with extra loft

Area: 659m2 3 4
P3 200 000
Ref# 364

The property is situated in Matshwane Ward, along Maun-Francistown road.

Area: 578m2 0
Ref# 365
Boseja Industrial

Warehouse compartments for rent, located in Boseja industrial, off Maun- Francistown road. The warehouse is partitioned in to two units ( one unit left).

Area: 0m2 0
P500 000
Ref# 366

The property is located in Toteng,Ngamiland district. It is approximately 60km from Maun. Nearby towns are Sehitwa, Bobideng, Tsau, Gumare and Maun.

Area: 0m2 0
Ref# 367
Boteti/ Zone 6

The farm is suitable for both cattle farming or game farming.The property is situated in an area known as Boteti Zone 6, which is approximately 140km South East of Maun.

Area: 0m2 0


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