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Ref# 577

The property is situated within Disaneng ward about 5km from the town of Maun. Developed on the plot is a 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Area: 0m2 2 3
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Ref# 294
Airport Area

The property is situated in Light Industrial area by the airport area. The offices are, air-conditioned, equipped with an ATM machine, with ample parking space and rest rooms.

Area: 0m2 0
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Ref# 458

The property is within the new mall. It is also in proximity to the Maun Airport. Close to the property also is an established residential area for low, medium and high cost B.H.C houses.

Area: 0m2 0
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Ref# 526

The property is in Chobe ward, less than 3km from the town centre of Maun.

Area: 0m2 2 3
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Ref# 479
Boseja Industrial

The property is in Boseja Industrial.

The spots are available for rent, as of 01 June 2018 and currently are
UNIT 1 - 416m2 P11,800.00(NOT AVAILABLE)
UNIT 2 - 160m2 P7,500

Area: 0m2 0
Ref# 482

The office is located at old mall in Maun, opposite Northwest District council right in the CBD of Maun.

Area: 95m2 0
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