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P1 000 000
Ref# 356

This represents a residential property located in Tsanekona Ward, about 10km from the town centre of Maun set along the river banks of Thamalakane river.

Area: 0m2 4 6
Ref# 359

Own and experience the coolness of river front breeze with a canopy of the savana woodland shade trees and enjoy the character of a well ventilated family thatch double volume home with extra loft

Area: 659m2 3 4
P30 000
Ref# 312

A commercial space located right in the heart of Maun centre

Area: 0m2 2 0
Let Out
P125 000
Ref# 311
Matshwane industrial

An industrial plot ripe for development,located within a growing industrial serviced area of Maun. Mains are available services for connection.

Area: 0m2 0
P380 000
Ref# 258

Guest house plot with outbuilding offering bedroom and bathroom in Boseja Maun..!!!!! Approved drawing plans and EIA report available....!!!!!

Area: 0m2 0
P900 000
Ref# 260

An integrated farm with water point located in the sought after area of Boro. Boro has recently been zoned for agro-tourism as per planning area.

Area: 0m2 0