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Ref# 299

The house consists of Veranda, Lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Area: 0m2 2 3
P70 000
Ref# 240

The property is situated in Sehithwa,approximately 100km from Maun going North.

The property is at a very good price on the market!

Area: 0m2 0 0
P1 250 000
Ref# 244

The property is situated in Thitoyamokole ward along the Maun-Sehithwa road, about 4km from the central business district of Maun.

Area: 0m2 5
Ref# 247

The property is situated within Matlapana, about 9km from the town centre of Maun.

Area: 79m2 1 2
Ref# 252

A river front small holding within an ecotourism zoned area, located in the outskirts area of Boro area, is the outskirts neighbourhood of Maun approximately 18km from town centre of Maun.

Area: 0m2 0 0
P380 000
Ref# 258

Guest house plot with outbuilding offering bedroom and bathroom in Boseja Maun..!!!!! Approved drawing plans and EIA report available....!!!!!

Area: 0m2 0