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Ref# 684

A farm property developed with a home stead, chicken cage, 3 sheds, 3 feeding troughs, kraals and paddock fencing all enclosed within fenced boundaries.

Area: 1 979m2 1 2
Ref# 683

This represents an agricultural plot with minimum developments located in Boro village along the seasonal Boro river within the outskirts of Maun village, approximately 12km from the Central Busine

Area: 0m2 0
Ref# 682

Newly renewed three-bedroomed house located in Thito ward, along the Maun-Sehithwa road. It comprises a verandah, living area, ensuite and a common bathroom all enclosed in a 1.2m fence.

Area: 0m2 2 3
Ref# 681

An elegant home, which compromises views and great space for a family to delight in. A four bedroomed, with an ensuite, Common bathroom and a guest bathroom.

Area: 0m2 2 4
P1 700 000
Ref# 679

The property is located in Matlapaneng ward, accessible via a short sand track off the main tarmac road from Maun to Matlapaneng, approximately 7km from the town centre of Maun.

Area: 286m2 4 5
Ref# 674

Located along old the Shashe River, this property is perfectly located to capture the farm lifestyle while not too far from the town centre of Maun.

Area: 0m2 2 2
Ref# 671
Boseja Industrial

750m2 warehouse at Boseja industrial. Ideal for business with storage requirements from town centre & also as a full time industrial operation premises.

Area: 750m2 2 0
P1 700
Ref# 670

These are newly built and good looking two studio apartments, secure and smart.They comprises modern fitted open plan kitchen, bedroom area and ensuite bathrooms.

Area: 0m2 1 1
P5 000 000
Ref# 668
Etsha 1

Description Property Summary:
Going concern for sale with Game lodge,near Gumare,Okavango sub district.comprising :

Area: 0m2 0
Ref# 667

This is a multi-residential plot located within an established residential area of Maun, Sedie Ward. It is enclosed by a concrete brick boundary wall.

Area: 0m2 0
Ref# 666
Matshwane industrial

This represent an industrial located in the newly allocated in Matshwane industrial plots, about 12km from the town centre of Maun.

Area: 250m2 0
Ref# 664

The property is situated in Matlapana Ward,Maun. The development on this plot comprises: a two bedroom house.
it is in close proximity to Maun Cresta Hotel and Audi Camp.

Area: 0m2 1 2


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