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Our Services

Estate Agency

Middle men role in a sale, lease or in advisory real estate services of property on the market. This is carried out through our in-depth knowledge of local market areas and exceptional team expertise, combined with traditional & e-marketing techniques coupled with good service delivery.

This is evidenced from our track record.

Property Management

Stewardship role of landlord/tenancy management and administration, Financial and Client’s Account, Reporting,  Rent and Service Charge Collections, Periodic monitoring and inspection of properties under our administration.

This is evidenced from our track record.

Property Valuation

Property valuations for various market segments; corporate clients, firms, government wings & individuals. For Appraisals for Mortgages, Insurance, Property sale, Rental, compensation,

Accounting, Legal proceedings, divorce and estate administration valuations.

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Property Development

CHARTERED development finance analysts with STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS in alliance of property development & investment advisory expertise. Identification of opportunities, provision of financial model with risk matrix in specific projects/markets. Procurement & coordination on design/build and operation of projects.

This is evidenced from our track record.

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